His training as an architect and his admiration for the popular architecture of the island pushed him to search and search and search… until he found the right place to elaborate and introduce his beer.

The place is an ancient cellar in Cas Canar (Sencelles), magnificent building that has been used for wine production during centuries. It is located in the most well known wine region of the island and surrounded by acres of vineyards.

The scale of its architecture and space confers it a religious character that “deifies” the Toutatis beer.

Its transformation into a microbrewery has been as respectful as possible of the building, its history as well as its use by its previous occupants. Using each area for the exact same purposes as in the past… production, bottling, storing, etc…

Its manufacturing is traditional although using the most advanced technology and most modern equipment, located in a boxlike prefabricated industrial unit in the interior of this large and clear space that houses the former wine cellar and is currently used for tastings. Spacious and welcoming area where beer lovers can meet up and watch the whole production process through a large glass window.

All this under the watchful eye of the large image representing Toutatis beer… like a goddess in her temple. Together with the scale of the space and the colours of the glass windows it confers it an almost religious aspect, as if it was a Belgian abbey.

Respecting the philosophy of this project, defined by its rural location and the respect for the environment, the materials leftover from the production are recycled or reused (cattle feed, farming fertilizer, …)











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Cami Son Boi, Cas Canar, Sencelles